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Ashley Reign
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Have you heard the term “redneck” throughout the years without ever really knowing exactly what it meant? Perhaps you yourself were recently accused of being of the redneck persuasion and are wondering if there’s any truth to the claim? If so, then fear not because you’ve just found the only redneck identification guide you’ll ever need. Here, you can find answers to questions such as “what are rednecks?” and “how do I know if I’ve come across a real life redneck?”
This is list of common redneck characteristics has been compiled thanks to experts around the country, all of whom have spent a great deal of time living within actual redneck communities. Some among them were even born rednecks themselves, but were forced from their communities due to an inability to carry on their people’s traditions. Some were forced to leave their kind due to unfortunate conditions such as "ears too sensitive to handle the noise of muffler-less trucks" or "allergies to beer that rendered them social pariahs throughout multiple counties."
Regardless of their backstories, these experts have banded together in order to answer the age old question, “what is a redneck?” once and for all. So the next time you find yourself broken down in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to determine whether you’ve found yourself in redneck country as soon as the first tow truck driver named Jim Bob arrives. By familiarizing yourself with the ways of redneck-kind you’ll not only be able to identify a redneck from a mile away, you’ll also gain the skills necessary to survive within their culture until help arrives.

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You Might Be a Redneck If...