Graveyard Shift

You've No Doubt Seen Or Heard Of Shadow People...But What ARE They?

Shadow people have been scaring people for thousands of years - but what are they? Some people believe these humanoid figures are a supernatural spirit or entity that manifests as a dark shadow. 

The history of shadow people dates back as early as the 600s CE. Creepy shadow people stories come from all parts of the world and are eerily similar. The Quran makes mention of pitch-black sapient beings created from fire that were "not purely spiritual or physical in nature." Heidi Hollis more recently described shadow people in her book The Secret War as "dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision." But their emergence in popular culture can be attributed to some paranormal investigators who've dedicated their life to researching and finding these shadow people. 

But what are shadow people, and where do they come from? Read these creepy stories and see if you can discern for yourself.