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The Story Behind Vivos xPoint, The Vast Complex Of Survival Bunkers In South Dakota

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While you may know a neighbor or crazy uncle who is a doomsday prepper, they don't hold a candle to the self-sufficient lifestylers at Vivos xPoint. The self-proclaimed "largest survival community on Earth" is nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and it is ready to shelter those rich enough to afford it from nuclear warfare, pandemics, or the zombie apocalypse

California-based company Vivos is responsible for this massive complex. They have branched out and created communities made to "survive virtually any catastrophe" across the globe, but it is just outside of Black Hills, SD, where the most dedicated and wealthy survivalists live. 

  • It Is The Largest Private Bunker Community On Earth

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    The community is situated over 18 square miles, with a high, dry altitude of 3,800 feet. Located well inland from all large bodies of water, there is little risk of flooding. It is also located more than 100 miles from the nearest known military nuclear targets. 

    There are 575 bunkers, each made of concrete and steel and built to withstand up to a 500,000-pound blast from explosives. The developers expect to accommodate 5,000 people in total and have an entire self-sustaining community in the works. The doomsday neighborhood plans to have a school, a shooting range, hydroponic gardens, a medical clinic, horse stables, a members-only restaurant, and a store. 

  • It Used To Be A Military Bunker

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    The Black Hills Army Base - where xPoint is located - was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a fortress to store bombs, grenades, mines, rockets, and other munitions. The base served as a fortress from 1942 to 1967. 

    During this time, a small town called Igloo blossomed around the site. Both military personnel and civilians lived there. When the military closed up shop in 1967, the tiny town slowly disappeared as the jobs left with the government. It stayed abandoned until Vivos set up base. 

  • A Vivos Bunker Costs $25,000 And Can House Up To 20 People

    For just $25,000, those who want the ultimate disaster preparedness can buy in to Vivos xPoint. That price - plus an annual $1,000 fee - gets you a leased bunker for 99 years. The bunkers are located in a high security area, and they can each house between 10 and 20 people along with a year of supplies. Fresh water is available via two wells, which are housed in concrete tanks. The heating/cooling system options run the gamut, and are the responsibility of individual residents. 

  • Off-Grid Utilities And Comfortable Interiors Are Extra

    The $25,000 (plus the annual $1,000 fee) includes the bunker itself, but nothing else. Vivos estimates that for an additional $12,000, residents can install a blast door seal, interior lock, escape hatch, exhaust and air vents, a generator, fuel tank, and the basic household electrical wiring and plumbing, along with a septic system.

    If you want actual walls, flooring, and other basic comforts, add around $20,000. So for around $57,000, residents can have a basic, comfortable, highly secure home. Of course, additional luxuries are available for those who can afford them.