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Weird, Gross, And Unexpected Things Babies Do Inside The Womb

Updated 12 Feb 2018 185.1k views13 items

While your bundle of joy may be precious now, rest assured he or she was pretty gross in the womb. You may wonder how a baby spends pregnancy - sure, they're growing, but nine months is a long time to just kick and sleep (although there is a lot of sleeping). Babies actually have plenty going on while they develop, and most of what babies do in the womb it is pretty nasty. Would you let your newborn drink its pee? No? Didn't think so - but that's what they're doing for nine months. 

All of the things a newborn does after birth begin in the womb. They'll start to cry, smile, and develop their senses. Most ultrasounds catch a baby sleeping or just hanging out, but every now and then a baby is captured making gestures or sucking its thumb. These seemingly simple things (even the gross ones) are important development milestones for a fetus. 

Though fetuses are undoubtedly doing some gross things in there, they also can amaze you with what they learn and remember while they're preparing to enter the world.  

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