What It's Like To Be Swallowed Whole By An Anaconda

Admit it, you’ve thought about being swallowed by an anaconda. The fear of being eaten alive by a massive snake with little to no guilt over ending a life is something that haunts everyone who has ever watched a pet snake eat a mouse, or who caught even a glance of the Jennifer Lopez-starring creature feature Anaconda. But what is being eaten by an anaconda like? Is it as bad as it seems? How long does it take, and can you wrestle your way out of the snake’s famous jaws? Wipe the nervous sweat from your brow because no longer do you have to experience death by anaconda in the first person to understand the nuts and bolts of such a terrible death.

How do anacondas kill you? With a gun? Surely not. Is the myth about their squeezing the life out of you true? Or has all of that been mythologized by an anti-snake league? While non-jungle faring people may have some cursory knowledge on how to die in the mouth of a large snake, there are more moving parts than anyone can imagine.