14 Things You Should Know About Being Attacked by a Swarm of Bees

Let's be clear about one thing: bees are cool and we definitely need them to survive. That being said, they're sometimes pretty dangerous to our health, too. Death by bee swarm has been known to occur, and when it happens, it's never pretty. You might be wondering what being swarmed by bees is like, but we don't recommend you go try it. Instead, we'll be happy to tell you, step by step, what it's like.

If you're wondering, "Can a swarm of bees kill you?" be assured that the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, many people die from bees in the United States every year. It's rare, and if you're not allergic then you'd need to to be swarmed by a ton of bees for it to happen, but it is in fact possible.

In most cases, bee swarms attack out of defense rather than some sort of malice, but that doesn't make the prospect any less frightening. So settle back and, from the safety of your own home, learn what happen when bees give you more than just honey.