Graveyard Shift

People Who've Been Shot Describe What It Feels Like When The Bullet First Enters Your Body

Have you ever wondered it feels like to get shot? People on Reddit describe their personal experiences of what it feels like when a bullet hits you, and how they ultimately survived. They know what it is like to get shot, and the incredible amount of physical and emotional pain that accompanies a bullet wound. They unfortunately found themselves at the wrong end of a gun, and not only survived their brush with death, but were fortunate enough to tell others about their experience.

Based on these accounts, people have different experiences of how it feels to get shot. Some felt as little as a slight bee sting, and others felt the worst pain they had ever experienced. There seems to be no way to gauge how one’s body will react to a bullet, but the majority of these experiences suggest it will be extremely painful. Check out these first-hand accounts of getting shot by a gun to learn how it feels to survive a bullet wound.