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People Who've Been Shot Describe What It Feels Like When The Bullet First Enters Your Body

Updated September 13, 2019 64.4k views14 items

Have you ever wondered it feels like to get shot? People on Reddit describe their personal experiences of what it feels like when a bullet hits you, and how they ultimately survived. They know what it is like to get shot, and the incredible amount of physical and emotional pain that accompanies a bullet wound. They unfortunately found themselves at the wrong end of a gun, and not only survived their brush with death, but were fortunate enough to tell others about their experience.

Based on these accounts, people have different experiences of how it feels to get shot. Some felt as little as a slight bee sting, and others felt the worst pain they had ever experienced. There seems to be no way to gauge how one’s body will react to a bullet, but the majority of these experiences suggest it will be extremely painful. Check out these first-hand accounts of getting shot by a gun to learn how it feels to survive a bullet wound. 

  • It Felt Like A Wasp Stinger Was Pushed Into My Skin

    From user czulu:

    "Got shot in the calf with a .22 LR while landscaping about a decade ago. It just felt like a push-pinch, like if someone pushed a wasp stinger into my skin and since I was using a weed whacker at the time, I thought it had picked something up and thrown it against my leg. It went numb, and when I looked at the wound, it was bleeding way too much to be from random debris. It really only hurt after I started f*cking with it to stop the bleeding. If you get shot, don't look at the wound if at all possible.

    The shooter was a German foreign exchange student with surprisingly bad muzzle awareness, trigger safety, et cetera, but since the damage was minor, we all laughed it off. Honestly, it didn't hurt that bad. Hopefully, being shot by a smaller caliber has helped me build my immunity up towards larger bullets."

  • It Felt Like A Punch

    From user sidneywidney:

    “My brother used to promote parties and hang around with questionable people. My parents knew there was basically nothing they could do to prevent him from going out since he was already in his twenties, so my dad got him a vest. My mom thought my dad was being ridiculous. Just a couple of months later, [...] on the night before Mother's Day, he was shot point-blank in the back with a .38 hollow point. My brother said it felt like he was punched in the back. Those vest really do save lives..."

  • It Felt Like A Sudden Impact Of No Sensation, Then There Was A Horrible Burning Sensation

    From user Tia_Jamon:

    Surprisingly painless compared to what you might expect. I'm not one of those, 'I didn't even realize I was shot' people, though I can definitely understand where they're coming from. The very first thing I felt can only be described as a sudden impact of no sensation. I felt numbness wash over the area. If I had not realized I was about to be shot shortly before I was, I could see how I could have easily have been too distracted to notice this immediate response.

    That feeling then gave way to a horrible burning sensation. It's a very 'hot' pain. It feels the way a very flushed face or a blister feels, but intense and painful. After a little time passes, the area around it has this very unexpected achy pain that feels more like what you would expect from being hit with a bat than being shot. And yet I wouldn't know how I would even rank it in terms of how painful it actually was. The feeling of being shot was seamlessly paired with the adrenaline and wooziness of having REALIZED I was shot and the knowledge that I really couldn't afford to get shot again. The three intermingled and alternately masked and intensified each other.

    For a few moments, I'd totally forget I had been shot, only for my attention to come back to myself in a lot of pain. I've never had to describe it before - my words seem so inadequate. It's a very bizarre series of sensations that I imagine is almost never experienced by people in an otherwise clear state of mind. I really cannot understate the significance of the psychological impact it had on me in the moment, which totally distorted my processing of physical sensation.”

  • It Felt Like Nothing

    From user Gangrel13:

    “I got shot in the foot about two years ago with a .45. Went in one side and out the other, pulverized some of the bone, too. There was no pain at all. Only knew I was shot because of all the blood. At the hospital about a half hour later, it started to hurt a little. Doctor was surprised that I only rated the pain as a four out of 10. It hurt a fair bit in the days and weeks after, but never intolerably.”