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Unspeakably Powerful Star Wars Weapons And Armor That Can Actually Defeat A Lightsaber

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Lightsabers are the most revered weapons in the Star Wars universe. It's why they're the weapons of choice for the most powerful wielders of the Force. Though they're seemingly unrivaled, that's not entirely the case - they're not magic, after all. Yes, there are, in fact, different kinds of armors and weapons that can beat a lightsaber, or at the very least withstand them. Some of the coolest Star Wars weapons aren't even lightsabers, for that matter.

Let's face it, it would be pretty lame if the Jedi were able to win every single fight by virtue of their indestructible weapons. There needs to be some drama! 

Let's take a look at what can stop a lightsaber: weapons and armor, and the material they're made of. You might be surprised by how unexpected some of these things are. On the other hand, you might not be. It is Star Wars, after all.