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Here's What Hardcore Comic Book Fans Don't Like About The MCU

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The MCU is lauded by many as the shining example of a comic book universe brought to the silver screen, but have you heard what comic book fans hate about Marvel movies? Comic book loyalists can be a tough crowd to please; not even the best entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are safe from the criticism of die hard fans. After all, some comic book storylines are just too out-there to bring to the big screen (Captain America was basically a Nazi in 2017, for example), which is why there are such crazy fan theories about Marvel comics floating around the internet.

To be fair, there are some legitimate complaints about Marvel films, often related to diversity or the lack thereof, unfaithful character adaptations, and the messed up timeline of the MCU. That's not to suggest, of course, that fanboys getting angry about costume colors are illegitimate, but perhaps that stuff is a bit more trivial. Here's what haters say about the MCU, and you have to admit, they can make some pretty solid points.