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Things The Original Walking Dead Fans Hate About The TV Show

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Some people have legitimate complaints about the Walking Dead TV show. It's one of the most popular shows on television, with tons of fan theories, but even before AMC brought the zombie drama to the small screen, the story was already a very popular comic book series. Over the years, the TV series adapted the comics, sometimes following the source material very closely while straying on other occasions. Some of these deviations sit better with comic fans than others. In fact, the show has caught the ire of fans several times for straying too far from Robert Kirkman's books. And they have legitimate Walking Dead complaints.

Of course, one could argue that AMC has to find ways to keep the show surprising, even for those who have read the comics. But sometimes the network falls incredibly short of producing quality content.

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    Carl Was Supposed To Survive

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    To say that TV Carl is taken from us way too soon is an understatement. In fact, it's a downright outrage, considering Carl is a vital character after the war in the comic books.

    Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman always sets Carl as Rick's successor, exploring plenty of interesting material with the young man, including his continued relationship with Negan. The older man acts as a mentor to the boy.

    But comic book fans never get to see that on the show because Carl dies. It's a shock to everyone, even to actor Chandler Riggs. Forbes contributor Paul Tassi believes the entire show is falling apart. He writes

    The decision to kill Carl, was the wrong one, and it’s a death that I do not think The Walking Dead can recover from.The death of Carl feels like the death of hope on The Walking Dead.

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    The Cliffhanger Was The Worst

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    Issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic is infamous for two reasons. It introduces Negan and plots the brutal death of Glenn Rhee. While the comic does a fantastic job of balancing both of these huge events, the TV series completely bungles it by ending the sixth season with a cliffhanger that's not worth the wait.

    It's clear that the show ended with a cliffhanger in order to boost ratings for the seventh season. Ratings rose, but at what cost? Judging from the show's current numbers, the cliffhanger definitely took a toll on the audience's patience.

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    Andrea Was Killed Off Too Soon

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    Fans of the Walking Dead TV show probably don't believe that Andrea is an awesome character in the comics. That's because her television counterpart is so helpless.

    From mourning her sister, to arguing about living with Dale, to her weird relationship with the Governor, Andrea always seems sort of helpless on the show. She's eventually killed to move the story forward, but her death on the show is also pretty lame. The scene is agonizingly slow; she tries to free herself from a room while a walker slowly shambles toward her. 

    Even actress Laurie Holden thought Andrea's death was bad. She noted:

    I think the departure from book Andrea to the screen was a mistake... I mean, it's not like I couldn't pull it off.

    In the comics, Andrea lives way past the Woodbury incident and becomes Rick's most lasting love interest after Lori's death. Best of all, she's a true leader in the print version.

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    Tyreese Was Way More Interesting In The Comics

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    Tyreese's legacy on the Walking Dead show is very different from his much meatier role in the comics. The character in the comics is strong, honorable, and independent. However, televised Tyreese is a basic supporting character who dies randomly. Before dying, he's demoted to babysitter. 

    Tyreese's most interesting storyline revolves around Carol in the fourth season, but he's hardly the main focus. Comic creator Robert Kirkman even regrets Tyreese's screen debut.

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