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50+ Bad Ideas That Only Got Worse

So you think it might be fun to ride a scooter through the halls of a hotel? What could go wrong? Whether people are looking to prove themselves, show off a hidden talent, try out something new, or just looking for a good laugh, it is inevitable that along the way some weird things are going to be given a shot. What could go wrong, or WCGW, is a category of fails and accidents that can bring a smile - or a grimace - to any face. These are the funniest, most hilarious instances of what could go wrong scenarios, from gymnastic flips to escalator incidents.

These outrageous wcgw gifs range from the innovative, to the unbelievable, to the downright ridiculous. It's an age of kids and adults alike looking to prove their talents in increasingly absurd situations, and more often than not, failing epically. Brace yourself: some of these will shock you. 
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    Not So Fast, Early-Celebrators


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    Whatever, He Deserved It


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    I'm Gathering Timber


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    Should Have Paid Attention in the Health and Safety Briefing


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