Here Are What The Descendants Of History's Craziest Rockstars Look Like

Have you ever wondered what the children of rock stars look like? Their famous parents spent much of their time on stage and in the recording studio, but they still had time to raise families. Many musicians' children have launched successful music careers on their own, following in their parents' footsteps. James McCartney, for example, is a singer/songwriter just like his dad Paul. Sean and Julian Lennon have also pursued music like their father John.

Other children of musicians have pursued different careers in entertainment. Actress Liv Tyler is just as famous as her dad, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. Theodora and Alexandra Richards, daughters of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, pursued modeling careers, as did Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia May.

While it's probably challenging to be the offspring of a rock star, there are also a lot of perks. Good looks are innate, for example.