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Everything Historians Think The Captain Of The 'Titanic' Did The Night The Ship Sank

The harrowing final hours of the Titanic remain a subject of intense interest. Rumors and myths about what took place on the Titanic just before it struck the iceberg have intrigued historians and history-lovers for more than a century - especially when it comes to the actions of the ship's captain, Edward J. Smith.

Smith was a lifelong seafarer who spent decades on cargo and passenger ships before taking the helm of Titanic in 1912. Being captain of the luxurious, unsinkable ship came with notoriety and prestige, not to mention an enormous amount of responsibility. Given the fate of Titanic and its passengers, Smith's part in what occurred on April 14, 1912, has come under close scrutiny.

Smith himself perished on the night Titanic sank, so his version of events will never be known. Here are some of the theories about what went wrong and the role Smith may have played.