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What Did Passengers Eat On The Titanic?

What did they eat on Titanic? It all, very literally, depended on where you sat. 

The food served on Titanic had more nuance and flair on the higher decks, where more options allowed for an array of flavor combinations. In first class, passengers could enjoy the foods that came with their voyage or they could pay a bit extra to dine at one of Titanic's restaurants, the À la Carte and Café Parisien. Second- and third-class passengers had fewer choices, especially those traveling in steerage, but no one went hungry, and the dishes and facilities were as clean as could be.

First-class passengers ate three meals a day. Breakfast and lunch included buffet-style dining, while dinner was a multi-course affair. In second class, Titanic meals were robust and plentiful, again served three times a day. People in third class enjoyed breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper, with dinner serving as the largest meal of the day. 

When it came to what first-class passengers ate on Titanic, no expense was spared. Titanic food menus reveal elaborate dishes for members of the second and third classes as well, with meals that included plenty of tasty foods for all.