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What Do You Tell Yourself To Justify Your Latest Beauty Splurge?  

Lowe Saddler
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There's a sale happening at Sephora. You just got a new job, and you need to update your makeup collection. Another makeup brand was just totally insensitive, and now you have to get a new concealer to replace your former fave. Your old mascara from way-back-when finally dried out completely, and you can't add any more water to make it usable. All of these occasions provide the perfect opportunities to splurge on new beauty buys. But let's be real; true makeup junkies don't need a legitimate reason to spend money on that new product launch. You see a shiny gold highlighter, and you have to purchase it immediately - it's simple math, really.

Fear not, impulsive beauty buyer; you are not alone. In fact, so many guys and gals came up with creative ways to justify their respective splurges when we polled them on Facebook. Maybe a finger slipped on the "Add to Cart" button; maybe it's time to treat yourself. Either way, you just added one more God-tier eyeshadow palette to your collection. Who's complaining?

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You Deserve A Treat

From Alexandra Reynaga: 

"I buy makeup because I need something to make me happy and temporarily fill the void and emptiness depression has left me with. 

I mean... haha because I deserve a treat once in a while."

You Kept The Kids Alive

From Kristin Berg: 

"I kept the kids alive, I deserve a medal."

You're Really Just Learning More About Makeup:

From Kat Victoria:

"I'm trying to discover new products!!! I'm seeing what I like."

You're A Hard Worker

From Andrelis Barkley: 

"Simply, that I need it in my life and I'm a hard working mommy/wife. Then I smile as I hit the registers w/ confidence."

You Didn't Just Buy New Makeup The Day Before, Or Did You?

From Sapphire Frazier: 

"Gotta treat myself every once in a while. Knowing d*mn well I just bought some makeup just the day before. LMAO."

You Finally Got A Gift Card

From Tracy Anderson Loomis: 

"You've had your eye on that $20 eyeshadow for a freaking year and now you have a gift card, buy the d*mn make-up!"

You're Grown As Hell

From Ashleigh Finlay: 

"I am a grown... woman and can buy what I want, when I want it. I work hard for it... and in the virtual cart it goes."

You'll Demonstrate Your Work Ethic

From Mallory Woodruff:

"You'll make more tips...

Im a bartender."

You're Planning To Live Happily Ever After

From Hillary Cierra Willis:

"I'm getting married... Lol. Weeding out the crap makeup!"

You're Getting A Good Deal

From Mary Grace:

"But they were having a really good sale..."

You Didn't Purchase On Purpose

From Chelle Lunford: 

"My finger slipped on the "Add to Cart" button and slipped again at the checkout. Damn you slippery device! Oh well, it was a limited edition anyway.

To the hubby? This makes me happy. Now if you'd rather me be grumpy have at it. Oh, and your face mask is cheaper with my points. I'm doing this for us!"

You're investing In Your Future

From Amber Flatt:

"Gotta spend money (to look good) to make $$$"

You're A Struggling Student; Who Can Blame You?

From Charlotte Barker:

"Anatomy and Physiology 102 is really hard. You deserve this!"

You're Still More Fiscally Responsible Than Your Husband

From April Wrobbel: 

"My husband spends more on video games and sports memorabilia."

Your Daughter Needs A Foundation (Even Though It's Not Her Shade)

From Cassandra Plouvier: 

"It’s for my daughter. That color would look great on her! Wait never mind she’s a little too pale for it."

You're Eight Months Pregnant; You Get What You Want

From Celeste Gonzalez:

"I'm pregnant, I've been carrying a baby for about eight months now, I DESERVE THIS!!"

You'll Never Find A Deal This Good Again Although Ulta Sends Coupons Every Week

From Katie Paoletti: 

"NARS never goes on sale so I have to buy something with this 20% off prestige brands [coupon] from Ulta!"

You Might End Up With Some Free Stuff

From Ave Joyner:

“Looking pretty gets you other, more expensive things for free... sometimes.”

You Can't Miss Out On Rare Experiences

From Brittany Lewis:

"It's from a holiday collection and if I don't buy it now it will be gone forever!!!"

You're Actually Improving Someone Else's Quality Of Life

From Kimara Samuel:

"That somewhere out there my splurging is making a difference..."

You're Having A Birthday, Six Months Early

From Casey LeJeune: 

"It's a birthday present to myself?"

You're Never Going To Buy Makeup Again After This Purchase

From Sayrah Elizabeth:

"This is the last time, I swear..."