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Cannibals Describe What Human Meat Tastes Like

Updated 12 Feb 2020 1.1m views12 items

It’s a question as old as time: What does human meat taste like? Is it sweet, savory, gamey, or all of the above? From the way most people look, you would expect the taste of human flesh to be oily, or maybe even stringy, but according to the cannibals cataloged here, we actually taste pretty good. If you’re pretending that you’ve never thought about what your ribs would taste like after a couple of hours on the grill, then you need to stop lying to yourself and admit that you're morbidly curious. What does human taste like? Keep reading to find out.

Every couple of years, someone will be arrested for cannibalism, but the hungry human hunters usually don't discuss what the person tasted like. Luckily, there are a few cannibals who are happy to chat about that delicious human meat taste and even give up a few recipes.

Depending on where they live, some cannibals eat their targets raw, some put them in a stew, and others simply toss the loose human meat into a sandwich and give it to their neighbors. If you aren’t grossed out yet and your mouth is watering at the question, "What do people taste like?" then you’re in luck, because these fine young(ish) cannibals were happy to share their experiences of chomping down on a human being. What does human flesh taste like? You’re about to find out in a big way.

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