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Weird History
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19 Fascinating Photos Of What Dog Breeds Used To Look Like

17 Apr 2020 3.0k votes 562 voters 36.2k views19 items

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When comparing dogs to their ancient ancestors, it's easy to see how you could get from a wolf to a Siberian Husky or even German Shepherd. Less obvious is how you get from a wolf to a toy breed or something as fanciful as an Afghan Hound.

Modern dogs are an incredibly diverse group of animals, and for hundreds of years humans have been breeding them for specific traits and features. Even in the last century, the appearance of certain breeds has noticeably changed. If you're curious what pugs used to look like, what bulldogs used to look like, or what any number of dog breeds used to look like, check out the following list of vintage photographs of some of the most popular dogs in days gone by.

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