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15 Horrifying Things That Happen to Your Body When You Get a Deadly Spider Bite

Updated November 5, 2019 35.6k views15 items
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Most of us have been bitten by a spider at some point in our lives, and I think we can all agree that it sucks. However, fatal spider bites are a different matter altogether. For one thing, dying from a spider bite is extremely painful. Perhaps you've wondered what deadly spider bites feel like. Rather than experience it yourself, why not let us help you out learn more, safely?

Spider bites are not only intensely painful, they can severely damage your skin and muscle tissue, sometimes even resulting in paralysis. And of course, they can definitely kill you. That's not to say that every spider that bites you is going to lead to death, but it's enough that the mere idea of spiders makes people's skin crawl.

Let's take a closer look, in detail, at what exactly happens to your body as a spider bite kills you. But if you're an arachnephobe (or just have a weak stomach), be advised that some of these images and descriptions are graphic. 

  • Your Heart Rate Is Going to Rise

    Once your body recognizes that there's something nasty and foreign in your system, it's going to do everything in its power to keep you alive and fight off the venom's invasion. The part of you that's going to work the hardest on this task is your heart. Because of this, you're going to feel your heart start pounding.

    Your heart rate is likely to rise noticeably, and that might be made worse by the fear you start experiencing.

  • Your Muscles Will Stop Functioning Properly

    This happens particularly with black widow bites, though recluse bites can also cause a similar reaction. The neurotoxin in the venom likes to mess with how your muscles contract, as well as the nerves they respond to, so you're definitely going to feel something. You'll experience leg and arm cramps, as well as cramps around the abdomen and stomach.

    You may even start feeling nauseated and could throw up! It's also worth mentioning that the venom can actually destroy muscle tissue, leading to feelings of weakness all over your body.

  • You'll Start Feeling Feverish

    As your body continues the fight against the venom, it's going to start doing one of the only things it can: spike a fever. The reason you get a fever when you're dealing with venom from just about any creature is that a warmer body environment means that it's easier for your body to kill off viruses, infections, and bacteria.

    In other words, your body thinks it can kill off the venom with a fever. While this high temperature can be harmful to you, as well, it can also keep you alive when a virus or infection is trying to kill you. Unfortunately, in the case of a deadly spider bite, it's not going to save you from a steady, frightening decline. 

  • You'll Be Dripping with Sweat

    The fever is likely to make you sweat, because higher body temperatures tend to do that, but you'll practically be dripping at this point already. In fact, most parts of your body that generate moisture will start working overtime. This means that you won't just be dripping from your skin. You'll be tearing up a lot, you'll be salivating uncontrollably, and your nose may start to run like a faucet.

    So, you'll pretty much be a drippy mess, who's in pain, confused, itchy, and swollen. Not exactly the way you want to spend your day.