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All The Lantern Corps Power Rings And How They're Different From Each Other

Updated 2 Jan 2020 90.6k views9 items

We can all agree that the Green Lantern Corps are awesome. But for a while now, they haven't been the only game in town. Several other ring-wielding organizations are either policing the DC universe or seeking to destroy it somehow. They all have their own agendas, powers, and emotions that they draw from. Lantern Corps bestow massive powers onto their members, giving them the ability to create light constructs, fly in the vacuum of space, and generally be awesome.

Not all power rings, however, are the same. While there are certain common powers between them, the emotion that they embody greatly affects the abilities of the wielder. A Green Lantern may be a great jack-of-all-trades, but they lack the ability to emotionally bolster those around them. Meanwhile, the Sinestro Corps are all about striking fear into the hearts of others. The Red Lantern Corps may be incredibly powerful, but you're stuck spewing blood out of your mouth for as long as you live. Out of all of these, which one is the most powerful? Look below to find out!

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