All The Lantern Corps Power Rings And How They're Different From Each Other

We can all agree that the Green Lantern Corps are awesome. But for a while now, they haven't been the only game in town. Several other ring-wielding organizations are either policing the DC universe or seeking to destroy it somehow. They all have their own agendas, powers, and emotions that they draw from. Lantern Corps bestow massive powers onto their members, giving them the ability to create light constructs, fly in the vacuum of space, and generally be awesome.

Not all power rings, however, are the same. While there are certain common powers between them, the emotion that they embody greatly affects the abilities of the wielder. A Green Lantern may be a great jack-of-all-trades, but they lack the ability to emotionally bolster those around them. Meanwhile, the Sinestro Corps are all about striking fear into the hearts of others. The Red Lantern Corps may be incredibly powerful, but you're stuck spewing blood out of your mouth for as long as you live. Out of all of these, which one is the most powerful? Look below to find out!

  • The Green Power Ring Is Fueled By Willpower

    The Green Power Ring Is Fueled By Willpower
    Photo: DC Comics

    Known for harnessing willpower, the green power ring was developed by the Guardians of Oa. Worn by many famous Green Lanterns - including Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Sinestro, Guy Gardener, and John Stewart - it draws power from the central power battery on the planet Oa. The ring can do almost anything, but it is mostly known for creating constructs fueled by the willpower and imagination of the wielder. When a Green Lantern dies, their ring searches for another potential wielder who possesses great willpower. Older rings were unable to affect anything colored yellow (the color of fear), but that can be bypassed when the wearer learns to master their fear.

    All current green power rings are based on the ring worn by Kyle Rayner, who was once the last of the Green Lanterns. 

  • The Yellow Power Ring Is All About Fear

    The Yellow Power Ring Is All About Fear
    Photo: DC Comics

    When the Green Lantern Corps banished Sinestro after they discovered he was using his ring to control his homeworld, he went to the planet Qward in the Antimatter Universe. There, he met the Weaponers of Qward and convinced them to develop the yellow power ring, a weapon fueled by the power of fear and specifically designed to take advantage of the Green Lanterns' weakness of yellow energy.

    Using these rings, Sinestro established the Sinestro Corps, an organization of beings capable of instilling great fear in others. Chosen by the yellow rings, they joined Sinestro and became connected to the yellow central power battery on Qward. The yellow rings have similar powers to their green counterparts; using the ring, the wearer can create constructs of yellow light as well as project energy blasts and force fields. A unique power of the ring is the ability to instill fear in others to the point where the victim becomes nearly paralyzed with terror. This effect can be disrupted by the presence of hope provided by the blue power ring.

    Notable wielders of this ring are Sinestro, Mongul, Arkillo, Amon Sur, Superboy-Prime, the Anti-Monitor, and Cyborg-Superman. Batman and Lex Luthor also temporarily wielded yellow rings.   

  • The Blue Power Ring Hopes It Can Help Others

    The Blue Power Ring Hopes It Can Help Others
    Photo: DC Comics

    After the Sinestro Corps War with the Green Lanterns, two of Oa's guardians created their own Lantern Corps. Together, they created the blue power rings based on the power of hope, which became the cornerstone of the Blue Lantern Corps. Of all the rings in the emotional spectrum, the blue rings have the biggest power draw. When charged, a blue power ring on its own allows its wearer a limited version of the powers bestowed by the green power rings, including flight, the creation of light constructs, and protection from the vacuum of space.

    Blue power rings only reach their full potential, however, when they are in the vicinity of a Green Lantern. After all, hope cannot truly exist without the willpower to back it up. Blue Lanterns are able to supercharge green power rings, enhancing their abilities greatly. When fully powered, blue rings can generate advanced healing powers, break someone away from the Red Lantern Corps, and generally bestow hope to all around the ring.

    Notable wielders include Barry Allen, Nicole Morrison, Hal Jordan, Brother Warth, and Brother Hymn. 

  • The Red Power Ring Makes You Pissed Off 24/7

    The Red Power Ring Makes You Pissed Off 24/7
    Photo: DC Comics

    Red power rings are fairly similar to green power rings, except the Red Lanterns are fueled by pure rage. Atrocitus, a survivor of the Massacre of Sector 666, formed the red central power battery using blood magic rituals. He forged the red power rings from blood and the power of his rage hardened and crystallized them. Atrocitus sent the rings out into the world, where they sought those with great anger. But when a red power ring binds with the wearer, it replaces their heart. The ring brainwashes the wearer and consumes them with hatred and a need for revenge. Their blood also boils, spewing from their mouth continuously.

    The red power rings grant several unique abilities to the wielder. A Red Lantern can vomit plasma corrosive enough to burn through anything it touches, including a Black Lantern. Their overwhelming rage can also severely hinder other rings on the emotional spectrum - with the exception of the blue rings. Red Lanterns are also uniquely resistant to Black Lantern attacks. Unfortunately, because the ring replaces the wearer's heart, it cannot be removed without killing them. If a Red Lantern falls in love, their rage falters and the ring leaves them, leading to their death.

    Notable wielders include Atrocitus, Dez, Trevius, Krrk, and Dex-Starr the cat. 

  • The Orange Power Ring Wants You To Want Everything

    The Orange Power Ring Wants You To Want Everything
    Photo: DC Comics

    Powered by greed, the orange power rings were discovered by a group known as the Controllers, who opposed the Guardians of Oa. They discovered the orange light on the planet Okaara, which they believed would create a force great enough to destroy the Green Lanterns. Unfortunately, they were all slaughtered by Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern Corps, who had gained control of the orange light long before the Controllers showed up. Some time later, Larfleeze encountered Hal Jordan and immediately wanted his power rings. Though Larfleeze's power was overwhelming, Jordan's blue power ring quelled his avarice and allowed the Green Lanterns to make a deal to leave Larfleeze alone.

    The orange power ring itself might actually have the most raw power of all the rings; it has the ability to reach a charge which far exceeds the others. They also have the ability to absorb the constructs of other ring wielders. The problem with these rings is they consume their wielder with greed. They are also vulnerable to the blue and violet energy of the Blue Lantern Corps and the Star Sapphires. 

  • The Star Sapphire Ring Needs To Save All The Love

    The Star Sapphire Ring Needs To Save All The Love
    Photo: DC Comics

    When the Zamarons left Oa, they found a planet they called Zamaron. There, they found the corpses of a man and a woman with a powerful crystal between them. Called the Star Sapphire, what the Zamarons thought was the truest form of love was actually a parasite that fed off intense feelings of love. Realizing their mistake, the Zamarons created the violet power battery and the Star Sapphire rings. The rings then ventured out into the cosmos to find those who had loved deeply and lost those close to them. The Corps is all female, with some small temporary exceptions.

    In addition to energy constructs and the usual assortment of powers, the violet rings have a limited healing capacity. They also have the ability to light the truest desires in others and can sense when a true love is in trouble. Star Sapphires are immune to the orange light of avarice.

    Notable Star Sapphires are Carol Ferris, Miri Riam, and the converted Sinestro Corps Lantern Fatality of Sector 1313.