Graveyard Shift The Real Reason You're Falling In Your Dreams  

Mick Jacobs

In many cases, your dreams manifest themselves in the form of common nightmares. Common nightmares, though no less scary than other creepy dreams, occur for almost everybody.

Because of this, experts have determined the meanings and impetuses behind common nightmares. Dreams in which you are falling, for example, usually stem from insecurities or issues you deal with during your day-to-day life, though there are varied layers of meaning and interpretation for every individual.

The way you fall also determines the nature of the dream. Free-falling, tripping, or losing your grip all "fall" under the umbrella of falling dreams, and each means something different.

The next time you experience another falling dream, don't panic. Instead, when you wake up, try to remember it and see if any research can help you get to the bottom of it.