What 21 Famous Pieces Of Art Actually Look Like In Context

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Often housed in museums or as part of a private collection, artwork takes various forms. Paintings and sculptures adorn walls and occupy gardens around the world, attesting to the creativity and skill of men and women from the ancient world to the present.

You might know some of the most famous pieces of art - ancient Roman statues, Medieval paintings, and Renaissance works continue to be reproduced in books, shown in movies, and even parodied in popular culture. But what do they look like in context? How big is The Mona Lisa painting in real life? And just how tall is Michelangelo's David? 

Photos that show what famous art is really like give you a sense of size and scale, but can also reshape how you see the creations entirely. Vote up the famous art that, amid their surroundings, give you a new appreciation of the work itself.