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Famous Rulers From History Vs. What They'd Look Like Today

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We realize how much closer we are to history when we can relate to it. One artist is helping us do just that. Becca Saladin runs Royalty Now, and her passion for art, history, design, and Photoshop is bringing history to life for thousands of followers on social media. Saladin says she modernizes portraits of people from the past so that "we can learn about the past with a little more empathy for the figures involved."

Putting historical figures in a modern context helps us picture the lives and daily struggles of those whom we otherwise only see in paintings or through an actor's interpretation. These portraits bring us a step closer to relating to some of the most famous rulers the world has ever known.

These portraits, and more of Saladin's work, can be found on her Royalty Now Instagram feed and Etsy store. You can see the process behind the portraits on her YouTube channel.