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People Who Have Been Shot Describe What It Feels Like

Updated June 14, 2019 73.3k views19 items
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What does being shot feel like? If you're lucky, you'll probably never have to find out. With gun violence on the rise, more and more people are learning how it feels to be shot. Getting shot is obviously serious business as not everyone lives to talk about the experience.

Survivors of gun shot wounds over at Reddit opened up about what it felt like to be shot. Turns out, it's much easier to end up with a bullet in you than you'd expect! 
  • "Like having a bunch of really bad bruises"

    "I was just walking down the street, and got shot in a drive-by. At that instant it kind of felt like having a bunch of really bad bruises and getting them all punched. I was shot in the a** and it went through both cheeks and into my thigh. At first I didn't even know I was shot, but I felt back there and felt the warm liquid. I walked home and had my mom take me to the hospital. I was seventeen at the time."
  • "It was like someone sticking me with a hot poker"

    "Got shot in the back of the leg while I was running away. My adrenaline was up already because I saw it coming, so I think it took a while for me to feel the pain. I heard the shot but didn't think it hit me at first. Once I felt it, it was like someone sticking me with a hot poker and holding it there. For some reason I assumed getting shot would feel similar to getting stabbed, but it was more of a burning experience."
  • "Wet"

    "Couldn't actually feel the pain. Realistically, that was probably because it hurt so bad. My arm felt wet from the blood... but yeah, that was about it."

  • "I felt nothing but numbness"

    "The moment the .22 round hit my face I felt nothing but numbness. The shot was from five inches away, and the extremely loud sound made my ears ring. The most prominent feeling was the hot blood covering my face. This is a very short account, but I made a complete recovery thanks to extreme luck and very skilled doctors."