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These Are All The Ghosts And Ghouls Haunting The Tower Of London

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The Tower of London is one of the most historic places in England; it's also considered one of the most haunted. As the site of numerous executions, torture, and imprisonment, the bloody Tower of London story makes it an obvious site for ghost sightings. It may appear on every tourist's "must see" list, but for paranormal enthusiasts, especially those who love history, the Tower of London should be at the very top.

The first tower of the fortress was built by William the Conqueror sometime around 1066, and numerous walls and other towers were added in the years that followed. Originally constructed as a way to keep local folk in line and scare off foreigners, the bloody history of the Tower eventually included functioning as a prison, an execution site for horrific beheadings, and a zoo. Many of the unfortunate people who spent time within its walls were victims of political and religious differences, sent there by powerful people fighting over the throne. Several prisoners were even believed to have been murdered, leaving behind queens, princes, and bears as the resident ghosts in the Tower of London.

  • Arbella Stuart Attacks Women Who Stay In The Room Where She Was Possibly Murdered

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    Photo: Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger / Wikimedia Commons / PD-US

    Arbella Stuart - the great-great-granddaughter of Henry VII - was at one time considered a possible heir to the throne of Elizabeth I. Her grandmother, known as Bess of Hardwick, repeatedly schemed to get Stuart an assured place on the throne but only succeeded in making Elizabeth I more suspicious and causing Stuart to suffer bouts of madness. When Stuart secretly married William Seymour, who also had familial ties to the throne, King James I believed it a threat and imprisoned them both. She managed to escape but was captured and sent to the Tower of London where she died, possibly from being poisoned.

    Stuart's ghost has been witnessed several times, mostly in the Queen's House where she passed away. Women who have stayed in the same room have experienced the sensation of being strangled. One woman felt a ghostly presence so strong, it was able to physically push her out of the room.

  • A Mysterious Hand Appeared In An Image Taken By A Visitor

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    Photo: Matt Brown / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    King Edward I built a water entrance so people could enter the Tower of London by boat. Traitor's Gate protected the water entrance - which was labeled for the types of people usually brought through it. The prisoners' fears likely left a ghostly imprint on the gate, and it became one of the Tower's most haunted locations.

    When an American visitor took a picture of the famous gate, she captured more than the structure. Upon developing the film, she noticed a white, cuffed gloved hand in one corner although she claims no one was in the frame when she took the picture. Paranormal investigators have analyzed her photograph and do not believe the image was tampered with.

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    Photo: The National Gallery Online / Wikimedia Commons / PD-US

    When King Edward VI lay dying in 1553, he named his cousin Jane Grey as his successor since she was Protestant and would support Edward's chosen church. Grey was named queen a few days after he died, but Mary Tudor, Edward's Catholic sister, demanded she was the rightful heir. Nine days after Grey was named queen, Tudor took over and sentenced her 16-year-old predecessor to be executed. Grey and her husband were imprisoned in the Tower of London where he was beheaded in front of her. She was executed a few days later, forced to put on her own blindfold and lay her head on the chopping block.

    The headless ghost of Jane Grey has been reportedly spotted many times, almost always in the days surrounding the anniversary of her death. The most well-known sighting took place in 1957 when a guard heard a noise and looked up to find a headless woman walking around on top of the tower.  The ghost of Lady Grey's husband has also been seen in Beauchamp Tower, weeping in sorrow of their fates.

  • Guy Fawkes Can Still Be Heard  is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list These Are All The Ghosts And Ghouls Haunting The Tower Of London
    Photo: National Portrait Gallery / Wikimedia Commons / PD-US

    Long before he became the masked face of Anonymous and the anti-hero in the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes stood against England's King James. In 1605, Fawkes was part of a resistance group that devised a plot to blow up the House of Lords, install a puppet queen, and return the country to Catholicism. The first part of the plan required him to hide in a cellar under the building and light the fuse on enough gunpowder to destroy Parliament.

    Unfortunately for Fawkes, police learned about the Gunpowder Plot, and he was discovered the night before the planned explosion. Sent to the Tower of London, Fawkes was imprisoned in a cell below the White Tower and subjected to painful torture devices like the rack. Eventually, he was executed by being hung, drawn, and quartered. Visitors to the Tower and Yeoman Guard claim to still hear his eerie screams of agony from time to time.

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