Graveyard Shift

One Of The Worst Serial Killers In Human History Was Joan of Arc's Right-Hand Man

In the annals of historical monsters, there is a special, sadistic space for Gilles de Rais. A former military hero who fought alongside Joan of Arc, de Rais was at one time the richest man in Europe. But beneath his wealth and accolades was a grisly personal pursuit – the torture and murder of young children. 

What did Gilles de Rais do? He killed an estimated 140 children during his bloody escapades in 15th-century France. His victims were often poor youths whom he would lure to his manse with the promise of fine clothing and high-end cuisine. As soon as his young victims were at ease, de Rais would impose his sick, twisted will upon them. 

He was eventually caught and hanged for his crimes, but while he freely marauded and murdered, he took his violence to bold heights. These Gilles de Rais facts, stories, and unspeakably dark penchants are sure to shock you.