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People Confess What Really Gives Them The Creeps

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Everyone has their own specific things that push their buttons and give them the creeps. Whether it's a common fear, like deep water, or a more personal idiosyncrasy, like the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together, people on Reddit are sharing their thoughts on what creeps them out the most in life.  Do your best to get through this list without any goosebumps or shudders. 

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    Deep Water

    From Reddit u/birdswithteeth77:

    Deep water to where I cannot see the bottom. I’ve read so many ocean-related horror stories, and I have a thing for something touching my feet while I have no way of seeing it :(

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    A Parasite Living In Your Body

    From Reddit u/D_xinity:

    A parasite, like a worm, living in my body and feeling it move through me.

    Just makes me have goosebumps.

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    Driving A Bridge With Open Side Rails

    From Reddit u/Spaceman4u:

    Driving over a large steel bridge with OPEN side rails... makes my palms sweat just remembering it.

    There's one in Baton [Rouge] that goes over the Mississippi River, it gets me freaked out each time.

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    From Reddit u/Spuccola:

    Teratomas. Those are some kind of tumors that originate from stem cells and that are made of different tissues, like teeth and hair. I'm not really sensitive to disgusting things, but the idea of some hair growing inside me makes me feel sick.

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