What Does God Look Like In Different Anime?
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What Does God Look Like In Different Anime?

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Whatever religious beliefs you subscribe to, you probably have an image in your mind about what God looks like. Even atheists have a mental picture that they can conjure when the topic comes up. Do you see God as an all-knowing, all-loving man in the clouds? What about as a supercomputer who is using you to test out a math equation, or a Japanese high school student who created the world and might destroy it out of boredom?

If you answered one of the latter two, you're probably an anime fan. That's because anime has its own unique ways of portraying God. What does God look like in different anime? Anything you can possibly imagine - up to and including the god of Hell spanking his son for misbehavior. Anime can be pretty irreverent when it comes to its take on God, but it can also be a lot of fun.

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    The Truth Is All Knowing In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    When a person attempts to resurrect the dead via alchemy, they are greeted by the Truth, a being who claims to be God. Their job is to uphold the law of equivalent exchange by taking something from the person who attempted to bypass the rules. When Ed and Al meet the Truth, they take Ed's arm and leg, as well as Al's entire body. They're also the keeper of the entirety of human knowledge, which they forcefully cram into the brothers' heads. Truth thinks that humans who seek knowledge that's beyond their comprehension are foolish, but also seems oddly impressed by the attempts. 

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    The Shinigami King Rules Over The Gods Of Death In 'Death Note'

    The Shinigami King Rules Over The Gods Of Death In 'Death Note'
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    The world of Death Note doesn't exactly have a god that people pray to - in fact, few religious figures appear to exist, except for gods of death, also known as Shinigami. These gods write down the names of humans and collect what remains of their natural lifespans. The leader of them all is the Shinigami King. Exactly what role he plays is mysterious, but he seems to be in charge of handing out Death Notes and enforcing the rules that Shinigami must follow.

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  • Deus Ex Machina Is A Dying God In 'Future Diary'
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    For unknown reasons, the god of time and space, also known as Deus Ex Machina, is dying. His death will cause the world to be swallowed up by a black hole unless he finds a successor. Though he could probably just pick someone without all the fanfare, he decides to do it by creating a series of diaries that predict the future in various ways, and giving them out to people who would be forced to compete in a death game - the survival will take Dues Ex Machina's place as the god of time and space.

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    Madoka Kaname Wishes To Be God In 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'

    Madoka Kaname Wishes To Be God In 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'
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    Madoka Kaname starts life as an ordinary girl, but by the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, she's a god. She's given the opportunity to have a single wish granted in exchange for becoming a magical girl. She hesitates for a while, but after witnessing the suffering of her friends, she wishes to become an omnipotent being who could prevent all witches from ever being created, and eliminate the need for magical girls. This allows her to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, and have godlike control over the world. 

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    Being X Demands That You Believe In Them In 'Saga Of Tanya The Evil'

    Being X Demands That You Believe In Them In 'Saga Of Tanya The Evil'
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    Whether or not Being X is actually a god is up for debate, but they certainly call themselves one. Being X is so angry with a random Japanese salaryman for refusing to believe in him that he reincarnates him as a little girl in war-torn magical Europe, hoping that if he actually has to suffer, he'll call out to God for help. But Tanya Degurechaff, as this little girl is now known, quickly joins the military and rises up the ranks to become one of the more powerful and terrifying people in her world. It's kind of like the Book of Job, only instead of acting with humility in the face of hardship, Job spits in God's face. 

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    Jesus & Buddha Are Roommates In 'Saint Young Men' 

    Jesus Christ and the Buddha are two of the most important religious figures in the world, but because they're figures from wildly different religions, they're rarely shown together... and they're definitely not likely to be depicted as millennial roommates in a modern Tokyo apartment. Strange as it seems, that's exactly what happens in Saint Young Men, a two-episode OVA in which the two gods relax on Earth, away from the pressures of godhood. 

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