What Basic Groceries Should I Buy Right Now To Stock Up For Quarantine?

What groceries you need on your basic shopping list to stock up for staying inside will partially depend on your personal taste, but there are several staples you should always have on hand. From your pantry to the bathroom, these are the most important grocery items to have on hand that you don't want to run out of. Vote up the things that are most important to pick up at the supermarket before you go into self-quarantine or isolation.

Sure, you know to get toilet paper, but did you remember paper towels? Don't forget the humble potato, a shelf-stable staple that you can cook a myriad of ways. Spare batteries and lightbulbs are easy to forget - until you need fresh ones and you're stuck inside. Spices, herbs, and salt are also important if you're cooking at home. Delicious fruits and vegetables are also key to staying healthy.

What groceries should you buy to stock up? Vote up the staples for your household that are the most important to have on hand.

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