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What Happened After Spider-Man’s Secret Identity Was Revealed In The ‘Civil War’ Comic

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Of all the many superheroic individuals to grace comic books and the silver screen over the past half-century, Spider-Man's secret identity has no doubt been the most closely guarded. Peter Parker’s desire to keep his wall-crawling side-gig under wraps - and thus protect his friends and family from peril - has often been a central theme to his stories, which is what makes it so disconcerting that he’s been outed to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Mysterio as of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fortunately, this isn’t entirely new territory for the webslinger - it’s exactly what happened to Spider-Man in Civil War, one of the largest and most consequential crossovers to ever hit the pages of Marvel Comics. Taking a close look at how Spidey dealt with being exposed in the comics might give fans an idea of how he will handle it in the MCU - though at this point, it’s probably safer to expect the unexpected. 

  • Tony Stark Rewards Peter With The Iron Spider Suit

    Peter Parker earns a lot of trouble from his public unmasking, but he also gains some pretty sweet gadgets. Thrilled that his new protégé has so firmly taken his side in Civil War, Tony Stark rewards Parker with the Iron Spider Armor, a suit he has apparently been working on for months.

    The new armor essentially serves as a massive power upgrade for the webslinger, with a built-in AI, enhanced strength and speed, and a set of four robotic appendages. Unfortunately, it also makes Spider-Man all the more reliant on the good graces of Iron Man - something that will soon lead to unpleasant circumstances. 

  • Spider-Man Realizes He’s On The Wrong Team - But Stark Doesn’t Take His Resignation Graciously

    As the Civil War rages on, Spider-Man comes to the terrible realization that he’s on the wrong side. After witnessing some of Tony Stark’s less honorable tactics aimed at winning the conflict - including the employment of supervillains and the construction of a prison in the Negative Zone - Spidey decides to switch over to Team Captain America. Unfortunately, Iron Man does not take the news well.

    Stark reveals that the Iron Spider suit that he gifted to Parker is actually loaded with monitoring technology, which subsequently alerts him to Spidey’s desire to change sides. He strikes and Parker is barely able to escape unscathed, forcing him to ditch the Iron Spider and start a new life as an outlaw. 

  • Spidey Joins ‘Team Captain America’ - But It Nearly Costs Him His Life

    After spending much of Civil War attempting to capture Captain America and his fellow Registration Act rebels, Spider-Man soon realizes that Steve Rogers is in the right, and that he has a moral responsibility to join their side. Unfortunately, the pro-Registration faction has other ideas.

    Acting head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Maria Hill sends a group of registered supervillains after Spidey, and they track him down in the sewers of New York as he attempts to locate Cap’s team. The villains Jester and Jack O’Lantern go against orders and nearly end the wall-crawler during the ensuing conflict, but he’s saved by the timely intervention of The Punisher who then carries the wounded Spidey to Captain America’s secret base.

  • The Kingpin Puts A Hit On Spider-Man, But Aunt May Ends Up In The Crosshairs

    With it now public knowledge that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same, several notable villains look to take personal revenge against the webslinger, and none have greater resources at their disposal than Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. Despite being incarcerated, the Kingpin still has access to his empire, and he puts out an expensive hit on Parker and his family.

    Despite being offered amnesty along with the rest of Captain America’s team at the end of the Civil War, Parker refuses and stays on the run with Aunt May and Mary Jane. The trio are staying at a seedy motel when Fisk’s hitman tracks them down and fires at Parker, but he ends up hitting Aunt May instead. 

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