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What Happened After Spider-Man’s Secret Identity Was Revealed In The ‘Civil War’ Comic

Updated 19 Jul 2019 5.9k views14 items


Of all the many superheroic individuals to grace comic books and the silver screen over the past half-century, Spider-Man's secret identity has no doubt been the most closely guarded. Peter Parker’s desire to keep his wall-crawling side-gig under wraps - and thus protect his friends and family from peril - has often been a central theme to his stories, which is what makes it so disconcerting that he’s been outed to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Mysterio as of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fortunately, this isn’t entirely new territory for the webslinger - it’s exactly what happened to Spider-Man in Civil War, one of the largest and most consequential crossovers to ever hit the pages of Marvel Comics. Taking a close look at how Spidey dealt with being exposed in the comics might give fans an idea of how he will handle it in the MCU - though at this point, it’s probably safer to expect the unexpected. 

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