entertainment news What Happened At TanaCon?  

Jacob Shelton
July 5, 2018 4.2k views 14 items

In June 2018, vlogger Tana Mongeau tried throwing a two-day convention directly competing with VidCon, a popular event celebrating online videos. Mongeau called her YouTube symposium TanaCon, and decided to host it in Anaheim, CA - right down the street from VidCon. The YouTuber even promised appearances from celebrities like Bella Thorne, Miranda Sings, and Shane Dawson. From there, however, everything went wrong. 

What happened at TanaCon was a complete disaster - picture Fyre Festival, but with less boats. From long lines and overheated teens to a super-crowded hotel, it didn't take long for the fans to revolt.

In the aftermath of the TanaCon disaster, Mongeau and her Good Time Productions business partners seemed shocked. And while facts are still murky, many attendees documented their experiences for those who missed out on TanaCon.

Fans Rioted In The Parking Lot


After spending an entire day baking in the Anaheim sun without water, Tana Mongeau's fans grew restless. When they learned about the convention's cancellation, everyone freaked. A 13 year old named Alyssa told NYMag

"After the lady said it was canceled, everyone started screaming, complaining, and cussing her out... Everyone ran to the registration tent and threw the merch... pop sockets, TanaCon bags, stickers, TanaCon condoms, badges. This led to everyone destroying everything."

After a brief skirmish, the police and fire marshal arrived and shut down everything. The damage was done, though.

There Were Rumors About An Active Shooter

During the insanity of TanaCon, crazy rumors started spreading amongst attendees. At one point, talk of an active shooter on the grounds even began. Thankfully, this particular rumor never proved true. YouTuber Shane Dawson discussed the event with a set of fans who genuinely believed someone brought a gun to the venue.

It Took Forever To Figure Out Refunds


When TanaCon shut down on June 22, 2018 - the first day of the planned convention - no one knew what came next. Many fans arrived at the Anaheim Marriott the following morning to wait in line for a second day that never happened. Tana Mongeau eventually announced the convention's cancellation, and the Good Times Productions company apologized on Twitter. 

Mongeau then went on social media, claiming she would personally reimburse fans - but that never happened. On July 4, 2018, however, Good Times reported everyone would receive full refunds.

Fans Threatened To File A Class Action Lawsuit Against The Promoters


Prior to the ticket refund announcement, talk spread of a class action lawsuit against Tana Mongeau and Good Times. YouTuber Anamarie Olson even reached out to attendees and touched base with some of the law firms that helped successfully file suits against the Fyre Festival creators.