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Here Are 12 Theories About The Mysterious Lost Years Of Jesus Christ

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Vote up the most plausible theories for how JC passed two decades.

The New Testament talks about Jesus A LOT, and yet the Gospels don't say anything about what Jesus was doing between the time he was 12 and when he turned 30. But don't jump straight to a 13 Going On 30-esque conclusion. There are plenty of far more plausible theories about the lost years of Jesus.

Just like scholars have found convincing physical evidence that Jesus was a real person, there is also evidence that he may have traveled during the unknown years of Jesus, including proof of Jesus in India. He might have even gone to Britain or Japan, according to some theories. If Jesus stayed closer to home, working in the sun as a carpenter, it's even less likely that Jesus looked like a white European. Or maybe the lost years are "lost" because Jesus was breaking some Biblical rules.

Where was Jesus during the missing years? Now's your chance to vote for the most likely explanations.