Whatever Happened to Aubrey O'Day?

A product of Diddy's Making the Band franchise, pop/R&B girl group Danity Kane had meteoric, but short-lived, success on the charts. Long since broken up, they came rocketing back into the news when allegations of former member O'Day's affair with Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, surfaced. She might have even played a part in Junior's split from wife Vanessa. But what happened to O'Day's career after Danity Kane?

The pop singer starred on multiple reality shows, ranging from Famously Single (where she dated Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D) to the Celebrity Apprentice, where she met Trump Jr. After a failed solo career, O'Day also briefly reunited with Danity Kane, only to split from the group after issues with bandmate Dawn Richard.

She and fellow ex-Danity Kane singer Shannon Bex later formed dance-pop group Dumblonde. But it's her personal life that's gotten her into hot water and has everyone asking, "What happened to O'Day?"

  • Trump Jr.'s Wife Uncovered Their Affair By Reading "Sexy Texts" On His Phone


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    O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. had an affair in 2012 after meeting on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. At the time, Trump's wife, Vanessa, was pregnant with their third child. She once read Trump's phone while he was in the shower, finding "sexy texts" from O'Day in the process. Once Vanessa found out, Trump ended his affair with O'Day, although he'd supposedly promised his lover that he would terminate his marriage. Ironically, Trump Sr., well-known for his own sexual misconduct, was the one who pressured his son to stay with his wife.

  • Danity Kane's Latest Incarnation Split After An Altercation Between Dawn Richard And O'Day


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    Danity Kane reformed as a foursome (minus original member D. Woods) in 2013, then became a trio when a pregnant Aundrea Fimbres bowed out. Now consisting of O'Day, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex, the group released a few promising songs, but conflict was brewing. An altercation between O'Day and Richard shattered the group irreparably.

    O'Day claimed that Richard had been starting nasty rumors about her for years, then Dawn hit her in the back of the head when they reunited, putting an end to it all. O'Day filed a police report against Richard, who didn't deny the allegations. Richard said the other girls claimed she monopolized vocals, then said O'Day was awful to her and pushed her past her limits. Allegedly, Bex and O'Day even tried to lay down vocals without Richard before things got nasty.

  • She Wrote A Breakup Song Called "DJT," Allegedly About Trump Jr.


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    O'Day's 2013 album, Between Two Evils, contained a song called "DJT," one could assume about Donald John Trump Jr. The track is about a love affair gone wrong and a partner who lied to the singer. Sounds familiar. She also touched on the subject of a tryst with a married man in a remix of "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye. After Trump Sr. was elected to the Presidency, O'Day not-so-surreptitiously tweeted that the story "I didn't tell is worth millions now ;) ...this doesn't hurt me, it hurts America." 

  • Rumor Had It She Slept With Diddy And Russell Simmons

    Rumor Had It She Slept With Diddy And Russell Simmons
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    O'Day and mentor Diddy had a fiery relationship on Making the Band, so much so that reports linked them romantically. She systematically denied the rumors, joking, "I should have slept with Diddy." Gossip has also linked her to mogul Russell Simmons, rather than Trump Jr.

    O'Day appeared on two episodes of Simmons's reality show Running Russell Simmons, and websites have suggested a subsequent interview in which she described a detailed affair with a reality star could refer to Simmons. For his part, Simmons and his representatives have strenuously denied such claims.

  • She Met And Romanced Pauly D Of 'Jersey Shore' Fame On Reality TV

    She Met And Romanced Pauly D Of 'Jersey Shore' Fame On Reality TV
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    Former reality stars O'Day and Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio met on the set of E!'s show Famously Single. The two soon sparked up a romance, and dated for a year and a half, between early 2016 and mid-2017. When they finally did the deed, they documented it on the show, leading O'Day to reveal DelVecchio had an intimate piercing down there. Sadly for them, the romance was not to last. DelVecchio reportedly broke off the relationship after O'Day kept pressuring him to marry her.

  • O'Day And Fellow Former Danity Kane Member Shannon Bex Formed Dance-Pop Duo Dumblonde


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    And then there were two. O'Day and Shannon Bex, the last two members of Danity Kane still standing, teamed up to form a dance-pop group called Dumblonde. In 2015, they released a well-reviewed self-titled album - Rolling Stone named it one of the best pop albums of that year. The two teamed up for more tracks for release in 2018.