Whatever Happened to Brandy?

R&B singer Brandy set the '90s on fire with some of the most memorable songs of the decade, ranging from "Have You Ever?" and "Sittin' Up In My Room" to her unforgettable duet with Monica, "The Boy is Mine." She also starred in the hit sitcom Moesha and in movies, like the 1997 Cinderella remake with Whitney Houston. But after that, what happened to Brandy? 

Brandy continued to record throughout the early 2000s with albums like Full Moon and Afrodisiac, but where is Brandy Norwood now? For one, she took on the world of television, appearing on shows about her pregnancy, her music career, and cooking. Other Brandy Norwood stories include tales of personal and health issues and public breakups. So, what's Brandy been up to? The facts show she's still making a name for herself in the entertainment world, even if you don't hear her voice on the radio quite as often as you used to.