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What Ever Happened To Breckin Meyer?

June 8, 2020 155.7k views18 items

Breckin Meyer has been an actor ever since his grade school classmate Drew Barrymore introduced him to her agent in the mid-1980s, but he is best known for his breakout role as Travis Birkenstock, the stoner high school student/skateboarder in the 1995 hit film Clueless.

What, you may ask, has happened to him in the years since Clueless was released? Well, he's had little trouble staying busy: His projects include forming a production company with longtime friends Seth Green and Ryan Phillippe; playing drums for famous musicians; winning Emmys for writing; creating a network television sitcom; acting in a variety of film and television projects (including playing Garfield the cat's owner); doing lots of voice work; and becoming a father. 

Phew! So, yeah - while he might still be best known for playing Travis Birkenstock, he never really disappeared. Of course, at age 46, there's still time for him to chase his childhood dream of being a kindergarten teacher.

  • He Reportedly Turned Down A Role In The First 'Lord of the Rings' Film

    When Dominic Monaghan went on Bryan Callen's The Fighter and the Kid podcast, the two actors claimed that Meyer turned down a role as one of the hobbits in the first film of the Lord of the Rings series (which would have been 2001's The Fellowship of the Ring).

    The two actors claimed that Meyer passed on the part because he had been cast as the lead in the NBC sitcom Inside Schwartz and was committed to that project. This was an unfortunate decision by Meyer, as Inside Schwartz was canceled after just nine episodes had aired. The Lord of the Rings films, meanwhile, were huge successes.

  • He Created A Production Company With Ryan Phillippe And Seth Green

    Longtime friends Meyer, Phillippe, and Green are three of the four founders (the fourth is David E. Siegel) of the production company Lucid Films. The company was up and running prior to July 2002, possibly as early as in 1998, but according to IMDb, it has never released a feature film.

    It is listed as one of the production companies involved with 2nd, an action film that is scheduled to be released in December 2020.

  • He Created The TBS Comedy Series 'Men at Work'

    Photo: TBS

    Meyer was already starring in Franklin & Bash when TBS picked up Men at Work, a sitcom created by the actor, in January 2012. The plot focused on the workplace and romantic lives of four male friends who all work at the same magazine.

    In addition to being the creator, Meyer served as one of the executive producers on the series, but didn't appear in any of the episodes. The show averaged 2.5 million viewers when it debuted in May 2012 and ended up running for three seasons before getting canceled in May 2014. During its run, Meyer juggled his producing role on this show with his acting work on Franklin & Bash.

  • To Get Out Of Being Typecast As The Stoner Guy, He Starred In Indie Films With Meg Ryan, Anna Paquin, and Matthew McConaughey

    Photo: Kate & Leopold / Miramax Films

    After getting good notices for playing the high school stoner/skateboarder Travis Birkenstock in Clueless, Meyer found himself getting hired for similar slacker and/or stoner roles in films like The Craft and Escape from L.A. 

    Perhaps in an attempt to escape that typecasting, he took on roles in films such as Kate & Leopold, where he played Meg Ryan's brother, an aspiring actor; the romantic comedy Blue State, playing opposite Anna Paquin as a man working on John Kerry's presidential campaign who has to follow through on his drunken promise to move to Canada if Bush wins the election; and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a romantic comedy based on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, in which Meyer played Matthew McConaughey's younger brother.

    All three films received mixed reviews, and none was a big hit. Meyer himself got some good notices for his work, particularly in Blue State.