What The Heck Is Carrot Top Up To These Days?

He calls himself the “wackiest comedian since I Love Lucy.” You may know him from his elaborate use of props, confetti canons, and fog machines. He brought the world Junk in the Trunk and was the highest grossing touring comedian in the '90s. His real name may be Scott Thompson, but to the world he’s Carrot Top. 

We’ve all heard Carrot Top stories. Carrot Top’s flaming red locks graced the Tonight Show, and the famous ginger even had his own series on Cartoon Network. For a decade, Carrot Top’s career looked as bright as his mane of hair. But where is Carrot Top today?

Is he underground, as his root-vegetable moniker might suggest? Is he spreading beta-carotene throughout America? Is he hiding in a compost heap somewhere? Where did Carrot Top go

According to him, he's at the top of the world! Today, Carrot Top is living his ginger-headed dreams: he’s hosting a long-term residency at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Vegas. What's even more impressive is that before his current residency, he headlined a 16-year run at the MGM Grand. That’s a whole lot of stand-up. In fact, the "King of Props" performs over 300 shows a year in Las Vegas, with only Tuesdays off. In case you’re curious, here are some more things you probably didn’t know about Carrot Top.