Whatever Happened To 2000's Pop Star Christina Milian?

Singer/actress/dancer Christina Milian made a splash on the charts and the silver screen in the late '90s and early 2000s. She appeared on the Disney Channel and starred in movies like Love Don't Cost a Thing. And then there's Milian's music career - she dominated airwaves with the Ja Rule collaboration "Between Me and You" and solo smashes like "AM to PM" and the uber-sexy "Dip It Low." But what happened to Christina Milian in recent years? Where is Christina Milian now?

The short answer: she's still just about everywhere. Milian is a mom, a tech entrepreneur, and a reality star, among other things. She continues to write and record music, both as a solo artist and with other performers. She's had her ups and downs - including getting dropped from her label and suffering through some high-profile breakups - but Christina Milian stories paint the picture of a driven, talented woman who continues to make media domination her mission.