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Whatever Happened To Daniel Stern, The Other Burglar In 'Home Alone'?

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Since its release in 1990, Home Alone has become a fixture in pop culture. Between the memorable lines and the hilarious booby traps set by Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), the film has stood the test of time as a family favorite. Fans often rewatch the movie around the holidays, and it’s a perfect rainy day movie, as it’s pretty much guaranteed to leave you smiling. The film spawned a five-movie franchise, with the final film premiering on ABC Family in 2012.

Many of the Home Alone stars have gone on to great success. However, some fans have wondered what happened to Daniel Stern, who garnered big laughs as the bumbling burglar Marv. Once his Home Alone days came to an end, Stern continued acting in comedy shows and movies, and even tried his hand at directing. He also started giving back to the community by volunteering and opening a Boys & Girls Club in Malibu, CA. The actor even took up sculpting as a hobby, and has shown pieces throughout the Southern California area. All in all, Stern has definitely stayed busy, even if he never managed to make off with a trove of riches from Duncan's Toy Chest. 

  • He Started A Boys & Girls Club In Malibu


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    In the wake of the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, Stern and his wife, Laure Mattos, felt motivated to provide a safe haven for children in their community. Along with other parents in the area, the couple started the Boys & Girls Club in Malibu later that same year. Since its opening, the organization has expanded to include four clubhouses at several nearby public schools. Other celebrities in the area have supported the organization, including Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan, and Cindy Crawford.  

    Stern’s former Home Alone costar, actor Joe Pesci, has also contributed to the cause. He participated in the 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament to raise money for the organization.

  • He Received The President's Volunteer Service Award


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    Stern’s involvement in his community has brought him back into the spotlight on several occasions, and he recognizes that his past Hollywood success has given him opportunities unavailable to most. He stated, “My success as an actor has afforded me the unique opportunity to give back to my community, putting my vision of creating a strong and sensitive society into practice.”

    In 2010, Stern received the President's Volunteer Service Award from President Obama. The award, which is based on self-nominations, requires nominees to volunteer at least 500 hours in a single calendar year, all for the greater good.  

  • He Became A Sculpture Artist


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    Stern has expanded his creativity and talents into the realm of sculpture. He initially took an interest in the hobby at a very young age and continued to develop his skills over the years. He primarily creates bronze statues.  

    Stern stated the material “can hold poses that are completely unbalanced, even someone standing on just one toe.” His work has been displayed in several locations throughout California, and he tends to exhibit his art in open spaces for the general public to enjoy.  He also installed sculptures in San Diego as part of the city’s public art exhibition, “Urban Trees,” and in front of the Krikorian Theatre in Monrovia, CA.

  • He Made A TV Comeback In 2014

    After appearing in several sitcoms following The Wonder Years, Stern decided to try dramatic TV for a change. He joined the cast of the WGA America drama series Manhattan, based on the atomic research project of the same name.

    Although the show makes a few references to the real Manhattan Project, it isn't a traditional retelling of the true-life story. Stern plays Dr. Glen Babbit in the first and second seasons. Despite being a critical favorite, Manhattan was canceled after Season 2; according to WGA President Matt Cherniss, the series “could not find a wider audience.”