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Danielle Imbo And Richard Petrone Both Disappeared Without A Trace - Here’s What We Know

Updated 30 Dec 2019 8.9k views12 items

On the night of February 19, 2005, on-again, off-again couple Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone left a South Philadelphia bar and were never seen again. This case is both interesting and unusual because police have found almost no evidence of what happened to them. 

Both the families and investigators now believe that Imbo and Petrone are deceased. The complete lack of evidence has even led the FBI to speculate that they may have been targets of a professional hit. Danielle's estranged husband has been questioned but never considered a suspect. In fact, investigators have never named a formal suspect in the case. Although several theories have been proposed, the case remains cold, and the families are still searching for closure. 

Here's everything we know about what happened to Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone.