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What Happened To Daryl Hannah?

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Throughout the '80s Daryl Hannah was the it girl who appeared in top grossing movies, in fashion ads, and on the walls of teenage boys across America. She starred in everything from family comedies to neo-noir science fiction pieces. Women wanted to be her and men wanted to be with her, but then she disappeared. After almost two decades of taking time off from her career, she popped up in the Kill Bill films, but that’s it. So what happened to Daryl Hannah? Did she go crazy and move under a bridge? Did she start a pottery studio in Santa Fe? Or has she just been living her life?

Where has Daryl Hannah been? Since she dropped off the radar in the '90s she’s been allowing herself to grow, and leading a somewhat healthy life - which is honestly really nice to hear. She’s been doing a lot of work with the environment, but she’s also been posting sort off oddball personal ads to sell her beloved car. When you read about what Daryl Hannah’s been up to you’ll discover that she’s not exactly what you imagined, but she’s definitely still a blonde bombshell.

  • Daryl Hannah Offended Donald Trump With Her Smell

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    Before he was the President of the United States, Donald Trump was just a chatty real estate guy from New York. So how did she get on Trump's sh*t list? In an interview with Harper's Bazaar she offended Trump by saying she didn't understand why people were comparing her real estate mogul step-father, Jerrold Wexler, to Trump. She said, “He was soft-spoken, modest; he avoided publicity. The only reason to compare him to Donald Trump is that he was successful in real estate - and Donald Trump isn’t even successful in real estate anymore!” Zing. 

    Trump obviously responded with the level-headedness the American public has come to expect from him. "This has been the best business year of my life." Then he told the magazine to “pit my real-estate record against Wexler’s any day.” Then he added injury to insult by saying: “The big question is: What does John Jr., see in Daryl, if anything. I have seen her on many occasions, and she is, quite simply, a ‘six’ - and badly in need of a shower or a bath. I see her a lot at Knicks games, and, I tell you, she doesn’t even understand basketball.

  • It Took 47 Years, But She Finally Came Into Her Own

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    In 2007, Hannah discussed her crippling shyness with The Telegraph and how it took getting to middle age to actually feel comfortable in her own skin. She said, "I hated being young. Everyone says how wonderful it is to be a young person. That is far from the case for many people, but they dare not say it at the time. Aging is great. Maturity has brought me peace of mind.

    When I look back, I could have saved myself so much anxiety." Remember that kids, you just have to make it to your 40s and you'll feel pretty good about yourself.

  • Daryl Hannah Almost Died In A Plane Crash

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    In 2014, the world almost lost Hannah to a freak accident while she was on her way to Austria to visit a solar energy facility. She was already afraid of flying, but when her private jet lost cabin pressure mid-flight, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing, she definitely had a panic attack.

    She told a German newspaper she was "breathless" during the accident, saying, "I'm already scared enough of flying, when suddenly the oxygen masks appeared. Luckily nothing happened."

  • She's Been Making Board Games

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    In 2017, she published her second board game, Liebrary, a literary version of Balderdash, through the indie game company SimplyFun. The company's CEO Gail DeGiulio had been trying to publish the game for a decade but never had the safety net to publish it correctly. She said, "I met Daryl about 10 years ago. She brought Liebrary in, and I thought it was a wonderful game. At the time, the company I was with was not able to publish it."

    But after 10 years she finally pulled the trigger. So what game do you think Hannah's going to make next?