He Didn’t Want To Be A Teen Heartthrob Anymore. Whatever Happened To Devon Sawa?

From poster-strewn walls to cut-outs from popular teen magazines, being a teen girl in the '90s meant being infatuated with everyone from movie stars to boy band members. But when it came to '90s teen heartthrobs, few measured up to Devon Sawa. 

Most recognizable for his roles in the films Casper and Now and Then, which featured heart-meltingly notable lines like, "Can I keep you?" and "Can I kiss you?" (both of which were inevitably etched into the journals and hearts of every teen girl), Devon Sawa seemingly disappeared from the spotlight. Or did he?

The Canadian-born actor started his career early on after a frustrated teacher suggested he take his attention-seeking behavior and join a theater group. He started working in commercials and low-budget Canadian films before landing his breakout role in Casper. From then on, his career skyrocketed him to the ranks of teen heartthrob fame. But the story of Devon Sawa now and then doesn’t end with his stint in teen films. The actor has continued pursuing his career, and many of his teen fans are still obsessed with him.