Everything You Never Knew About Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark And Where She Is Now

Cassandra Peterson, known to most of the world as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is retiring from her gig at Knott's Berry Farm. Elvira has put on a Halloween show, combining spooky with comedy, for twenty-one years at Knott's.

Peterson started working with costumes as a child at her family's costume business, Peterson’s Partyland. She decided that she wasn't cut out for "normal" jobs, so she looked to show business. Her career as Elvira took form in 1981 when a local television station in Southern California chose her to host a Halloween Macabre show. She only received $300 for the show but it soon led to other on-screen appearances eventually culminating in her own B movie, Elvira Mistress of The Dark, which is a cult classic among other spooky and paranormal movies.

So where is Elvira now? Well she certainly isn't fading into a quiet retirement despite her Knotts show ceasing. The Queen of Halloween says she is interested in writing an autobiography as well as getting into television. She is interested in an animated series in particular. Check out the list below to get a glance at Elvira's career and learn about some other things you didn't know about Elvira.