Why Did Early '00s Heartthrob Erik Von Detten Vanish And Shun The Spotlight?

Fame is a fickle mistress, especially for former Disney stars. Very few make the transition to adulthood smoothly and, while some actors stay in the game, many disappear from public view altogether. Erik von Detten is one of the former child stars that made it out relatively unscathed.

Von Detten's charm and boy-next-door looks captivated audiences since his debut on Days Of Our Lives in the '90s. The rise to fame was slow and steady for the young talent. He played a rebellious skater boy in legendary Disney movie Brink, and he even did voice over work. Remember toy terrorist Sid Phillips from the Toy Story films? Yes, that was von Detten.

Things were looking good for the young actor when, all of a sudden, he disappeared. He appears to be living a happy life out of the spotlight, but fans still want to know everything about their former crush.

  • Kathy Griffin Made Some Disparaging Remarks About Him


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    Comedian Kathy Griffin, who worked with Erik von Detten on Celebrity Mole: Hawaii was joking, hopefully, when she questioned Erik von Detten's intelligence. However, her comments couldn't have helped his career options. She said:

    "It's possible that he's retarded. I don't have a doctor's note, but on one of our van rides to a challenge, he would say stuff like, 'I just wonder when I'm gonna lose my baby face,' and everyone else would want to talk about it! All day!" 

    Griffin also inferred that von Detten struggled with substance abuse. She went on to say: 

    "For the first few days [of filming], he was basically just high and drugged. Once I got into the coalition with him, he just kept saying to me, 'You're the mole, man, and you are just f*cking with my head.' I would have to remind him daily that we were in a coalition and that I was not the mole."

  • He Started His Career In Soap Operas

    He Started His Career In Soap Operas
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    Many actors get their start in soap operas, but the filming schedule is grueling. Erik von Detten started with the soaps at 10 years old. In 1992, he made his acting debut on Days of Our Lives as Nicholas Alamain. Most novice child actors only have small roles and appear only a handful of times, but not von Detten. He appeared in a whopping 55 episodes and was part of a major story arc in which he accidentally kills his father's mistress. 

  • He Played A Major Role In 'Toy Story'

    He Played A Major Role In 'Toy Story'
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    Toy Story's Sid Phillips was every toy's worst nightmare. Like a kid version of the doctor in Human Centipede, Phillips performs inhumane "surgeries" on every toy he comes across, if he's not blowing them up or setting them on fire. Erik von Detten voiced Phillips not once, but twice - first as the tiny terror in the first movie, then as a 20-something, headbanging garbageman in the third installment of the Toy Story films. Von Detten proved himself to be a talented actor in front of the camera and behind it as a voiceover artist. 

  • He Was Beaver's Dreamy Older Brother In 'Leave It To Beaver'

    He Was Beaver's Dreamy Older Brother In 'Leave It To Beaver'
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    In 1997, Erik von Detten played older brother Wally in the theatrical release of Leave It to Beaver, which was based on the television series of the same name. While the film wasn't a blockbuster, von Detten sure gave Wally a certain dreamy quality the original Wally (played by Tony Dow) never had. Fans took notice and praised the young heart throb.