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Why Did Early '00s Heartthrob Erik Von Detten Vanish And Shun The Spotlight?

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Fame is a fickle mistress, especially for former Disney stars. Very few make the transition to adulthood smoothly and, while some actors stay in the game, many disappear from public view altogether. Erik von Detten is one of the former child stars that made it out relatively unscathed.

Von Detten's charm and boy-next-door looks captivated audiences since his debut on Days Of Our Lives in the '90s. The rise to fame was slow and steady for the young talent. He played a rebellious skater boy in legendary Disney movie Brink, and he even did voice over work. Remember toy terrorist Sid Phillips from the Toy Story films? Yes, that was von Detten.

Things were looking good for the young actor when, all of a sudden, he disappeared. He appears to be living a happy life out of the spotlight, but fans still want to know everything about their former crush.

  • His Role In 'Brink' Made Him Even More Well-Known

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    And then there was Brinkthe classic skate movie. Disney's fun film gave Erik von Detten one of his first starring roles. He played Andy "Brink" Brinker, the leader of a rogue crew of skaters who are decidedly opposed to corporate sponsorship. When Brink's family experiences financial straits, however, the character must wrestle with his conscience. Von Detten's status as a teen idol solidified because of that 1998 film.

  • He Was The Bad Boy Love Interest In 'The Princess Diaries'

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    Erik von Detten was in 2002's big screen hit The Princess Diaries opposite Anne Hathaway. Von Detten's character stole the unsuspecting princess's heart for fifteen minutes of fame. While his character was less than savory, girls everywhere swooned over his bad-boy posturing. He was on the brink of real stardom. While that wasn't meant to be, there has been talk of a Princess Diaries sequel, and fans can't help but wonder if von Detten will make a return to Hollywood. 

  • He Made A Cameo In A Music Video But Then Disappeared For Six Years

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    2010's Toy Story 3 was Erik von Detten's final film appearance. He also appeared as a private investigator in a Jesse James video that same year, but that was his last appearance in front of the camera. Von Detten did not resurface again until 2016. 

  • He Recommended Disney Channel Movies


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    Erik von Detten made a red carpet appearance at the premiere of Disney's Adventures in Babysitting in 2016. He's a full-fledged adult, but it doesn't look like he has aged much at all. When asked for advice about babysitting activities, von Detten said: "Stay up all night and watch Disney Channel movies."

    He's still a loyal foot soldier for the network.