What Happened To The Cast Of Hocus Pocus?

It's hard to believe, but when it was first released in 1993, Hocus Pocus was neither a critical nor box office success. It was just too weird, too adult, too non-Disney, and it seemed likely to end up largely forgotten. But thanks to repeated Halloween airings on television over the following years, it became a cult classic.

Many fans are probably curious about the Hocus Pocus cast now. In addition to the trio of stars at its core, the film boasted a strong lineup of child actors. So where did those kids go? If you've ever wondered what happened to the cast of Hocus Pocus, they've had varying degrees of success in the industry, but one thing is certain. Hocus Pocus then and now is a classic, and it wouldn't be as beloved as it is without its memorable, talented ensemble.