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Weird Facts About Jason David Frank, The Original Green Power Ranger

Like many '90s kids, you might find yourself occasionally wondering "Where are the Power Rangers now?" They've become a phenomenon spanning generations, but it all started with the mid-90s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Back in the day, the young actors who played the Power Rangers were actually a pretty tight-nit group (though, there were some behind the scenes shenanigans), and a few remain so to this day. Perhaps even more specifically, though, you might wonder what happened to the Green Power Ranger, Tommy, who became a fan-favorite on the show, something that Jason David Frank still relishes to this day.

Frank has gone on to have a pretty interesting life, much of it still revolving around Power Rangers, but that's not all that defines him. He's somewhat of an enigmatic character, in fact - both devoutly Christian and an MMA fighter - and if you're a frequent Comic-Con attendee, you may very well have seen him displaying his karate moves at some point. 

Here's a ton of crazy stuff you almost certainly didn't know about Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger. If you want to find out which Power Ranger was missing a finger (and who wouldn't?), and other crazy stuff about the original series, check that out here.