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Everything Jesse Camp Has Been Up To Post His Career As Your Favorite MTV VJ

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When MTV was still awesome, one of the last great things that they did was put Jesse Camp on the air with the Wanna Be A VJ contest. As an MTV VJ, Jesse Camp was an antidote to some of the stuffier, original MTV VJs with his love for glam rock and tendency to space out on camera. But what ever happened to Jesse Camp? After his tenure on MTV ended he pretty much disappeared. Is he okay? What's Jesse Camp been up to?

As '90s nostalgia became ubiquitous, unverified stories about Jesse Camp began to appear out of the ether. Someone said that they saw him working at a pet store, and, supposedly, he was also a telemarketer - but it’s impossible to know if those were just web-based urban legends or the real-life fallout of having achieved televised fame at such a young age. So, where is Jesse Camp now? Strap on your floppy hat and get ready to find out.

  • He Travels With A Costume Bag

    Photo: josiahcamp / Instagram

    In an article on Camp for Complex, he's described as wearing "fur cowboy boots, distressed grey skinny jeans, a vintage Kiss shirt paired with a bedazzled blazer, black and baby pink cape, a handful of chains, a wrist covered in festival bands, and a light pink hat." So, obviously he has to go around with a costume change in hand just in case something happens.

    His homemade travel closet is equally sad and inspiring. How can you not love someone who brings "a heaping duffel bag of thrift store finds he has to sit on to close" and "a deteriorating plastic garbage bag of eight other hats" to a day-long interview?

  • Jesse's Not Doing Speed Anymore

    Photo: josiahcamp / Instagram

    While he may still be doing acid, as he told Page Six, he's at least not gobbling down speed anymore, and that's pretty great. When an interviewer for Complex asked Jesse if he wanted to get drink, Camp said that he doesn't drink and that he tries to keep his drug intake to only weed. The big news is that as of 2009 he's no longer on uppers.

    He said, “I’ll put it to you this way: at my worst, I was only doing about an eight ball of a speed a month." Oh, is that all? His twin, Marisha, says that Jesse "was a functional addict.” That's still rough.

  • He Has A Hoarding Problem

    Photo: josiahcamp / Instagram

    Camp, who once lived the life of a homeless person despite coming from a middle class family in Connecticut, picked up the nasty habit of hoarding from his days of being crusty in New York City. Case in point, during an interview with Complex he brings bags of clothes in with him, admits to hoarding said clothes, and says that he once even spent $30,000 on vintage T-shirts.

  • He's Been Trying To Get A Web Series Off The Ground For Years

    Photo: josiahcamp / Instagram

    Despite disappearing from television in 2000, Camp is still trying to recapture the glory of being a VJ. He and his sister, Marisha, have been working on a web series, currently titled Born to Rock and Roll, since January 2015 that would follow Jesse around while he interviews everyone from Korn to Rick Springfield, and even Miley Cyrus.

    Marisha says that they filmed "everywhere from West Virginia [to] Kentucky to Mexico, Oklahoma, Wayne Coyne’s house in Oklahoma."