Unspeakable Times

Johnny Gosch Disappeared From His Paper Route In 1982, And He's Still Missing

A 12-year-old boy named Johnny David Gosch mysteriously disappeared on September 5, 1982, part-way through completing his morning paper route in West Des Moines, Iowa. What happened to Johnny Gosch is an open question. Despite witnesses who claim they saw him being pulled into a blue Ford Fairmont, Gosch has been missing for more than three decades, and investigators are no closer to solving his disappearance. 

While his case remains unsolved, Johnny Gosch's disappearance promoted major changes in future investigation strategies that would go on to help decrease the risk of losing more children to tragic circumstances. Gosch's parents brought awareness to an epidemic of missing children by campaigning for their son's safe return. His story was the catalyst for a new US law called the Johnny Gosch Bill, which requires police to begin investigating missing child reports immediately.