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What Ever Happened To Disgraced Mega-Dad Jon Gosselin?

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If you've ever laid awake at night wondering what happened to Jon Gosselin, then you've come to the right place. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad walked away from reality TV after five seasons and a nasty split with Kate Gosselin. After a peculiar bad-boy Ed Hardy phase in 2009, Jon Gosselin soon faded from the public eye.

So, what has Jon Gosselin been up to since his grand exit? He's been working a variety of odd jobs, attempting to pay off debt, and blossoming into a semi-successful DJ. And of course, he's been fighting with Kate via tabloids and courtrooms over their eight children. But whoever said raising a litter of children was easy? Read on to discover (and Lol at) the very interesting things Jon Gosselin has been doing.

  • He Worked In Construction Installing Solar Panels

    At the height of his infamy post-divorce from Kate in 2009, Jon Gosselin raked in the money through public appearances and tabloid tips. However, that money dried up with the public's waning interest by 2011, at which point Gosselin had already pissed much of it away with first-class flights and an expensive apartment.

    In 2011, Jon began working for Green Pointe Energy, installing solar panels on the roofs of buildings. The work was mostly in New England, though, so he soon ended his roofing days to be closer to his kids in Pennsylvania. 

  • He Retreated Into The Woods
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    He Retreated Into The Woods

    After his string of dalliances with twenty-something-year-old women and lavish partying were covered on every trashy tabloid, Jon eventually retreated from the public eye that had turned so harshly against him. 

    In 2013, he was living in a secluded cabin in the woods of Stouchsberg, PA, working as a maître d' at a local restaurant called Black Dog. While he initially stayed out of the public eye, a reporter eventually located him and Jon again made headlines for pulling out a gun. Shortly after, he began doing interviews again, painstakingly trying to prove the normalcy of his low-key lifestyle. This Thoreau phase didn't last long, though, as Gosselin eventually began to reemerge on television with appearances on The View, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, and VH1's Couple's Therapy.

  • He's Planning To Create A Music-Related Docuseries

    In the summer of 2016, Jon Gosselin told Yahoo! that his future plans included making a music-related docuseries through the agency where he works booking DJs. “The platform might start off on YouTube, and we’ll see what happens, but I’m sure somebody is going to pick it up as soon as they see my face. Unfortunately, that's how it works,” Gosselin stated. 

    However, Gosselin is more interested in having a producing or hosting role rather than having the camera follow him around. And for the record, he stated that he'll never film his children again. Maybe Jon Gosselin is all grown up. 

  • He Only Has A Relationship With Some Of His Children

    While Gosselin rang in 2017 with four of his eight children, he has a very limited relationship with other members of the brood. According to Jon, which children he sees and when is entirely out of his control, stating, "Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that bus is who I get." He hasn't seen his son Colin, who is in a special needs program, since 2014, and his older twin daughters, Madelyn and Cara, don't generally care to see him. Jon says he finds out his family's whereabouts most often by searching #KateGosselinSighting on Twitter. 

    While Jon blames Kate for the "unfair" custody situation and for bad-mouthing him to his kids, Kate of course claims the exact opposite. "It's very clear by now that I'm just trying to preserve what relationship he has with them... But it's really difficult when one parent is in the sabotaging mode," she stated publicly in 2015.